Bodywork Collective is the umbrella business for Kacey's manual therapy private practice & online bodywork resource center. 


BC is a platform to grow and share in Kacey's passion for deeper understanding of optimal functioning of the body through manual manipulation...whether that be seeking a practitioner, self-bodywork, or simply having a better understanding the mechanisms of form and function.

Kacey expanded her private practice (Kacey Graner, LMBT) into Bodywork Collective because she realized there are short-comings around receiving massage & bodywork...


> Participants of bodywork believe changing their physical bodies will change their sensation of imbalance and practitioners, let's work with that core belief and give the "power" back to the client.

> Education is a VERY important aspect of Bodywork Collective. The BACKBONE of it's ethos is: if folks understand the "why" behind pain, sensations and imbalance within their physical body, they will be more empowered to take a proactive step forward in their overall well-being journey...and hopefully go down the rabbit hole.

> Practicing bodywork with clients creates short term change. LONG-LASTING change comes from balancing the body DAILY. Through self-awareness & habitual movement practices.

> From the wise words of the founder of Rolfing / Structural Integration, Ida Rolf : "Where you think it is, it ain't". The greatest shifts come from a connected, full body approach to manual therapy. There is a time and place for "spot treatments", but this is more like taking an NSAID. Kacey's sessions are integrative and do not focus solely on the presenting discomfort. This can be a different experience than traditional massage.