The Bodywork Collective is the umbrella business for Kacey's manual therapy private practice, online bodywork resource center. 


This is Kacey's to grow and share in her love of bodywork and body-based practices with others. She strives to empower folks with tools to find balance and healing within...forging a deeper connection and understanding of how the body works. 

Kacey expanded her private practice (Kacey Graner, LMBT) into The Bodywork Collective because she realized there were some short-comings around receiving massage & bodywork...

> Practicing bodywork with clients creates short term change. LONG-LASTING change comes from balancing the body DAILY. Through self-awareness & consistent self care practices.

> Education is a very important aspect of The Bodywork Collective. Kacey believes if folks understand the "why" behind pain and discomfort within their physical body, they will take a proactive step in their health. 

> You can find self-bodywork tutorials and unique bodywork-based info on Kacey's instagram page.