The Bodywork Collective is the umbrella business for Kacey's massage and bodywork practice, self-bodywork product shop and resource center. 


This is Kacey's to grow and share in her love of bodywork and body-based practices with others. She strives to empower folks with tools to find balance and healing within...forging a deeper connection and understanding of how the body works. 

Kacey expanded her private practice (Kacey Graner, LMBT) into The Bodywork Collective because she realized there were some short-comings around receiving massage & bodywork...

> Practicing bodywork with clients creates short term change. LONG-LASTING change comes from balancing the body DAILY. Through self-awareness & consistent self care practices.

> The self-bodywork shop includes items like self-cupping kits, kinesiology tape, self-myofascial rollers and release tools, epsom salt soaks and +++ 

> Education is a very important aspect of The Bodywork Collective. Kacey believes if folks understand the "why" behind pain and discomfort within their physical body, they will take a proactive step in their health. 

> You can find self-bodywork tutorials and unique bodywork-based info on Kacey's instagram page. 

The BC represents companies with products that are AT LEAST one of the following:

  • Sustainable

  • Organic Materials 

  • Women-Owned Business

  • Local Business

  • Small Business